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The slide is an essential equipment in modern kindergartens, as children enjoy playing with slides, which is beyond doubt. If a kindergarten has a beautiful slide, it can attract many children to study here. Below, I have brought you an exquisite and unparalleled children's slide, which is the indoor Little Doctor slide.
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Model: QG 12402Specification
Specification: 800✖️580✖️420cmBrand
Brand: Tekang
Material: Imported wood, stainless steelPlace of
Origin: Nanchang City
Category: Children's slide, combination slide, stainless steel slide, Little Doctor slideApplicable
Applicable Venue: scenic spot resort hotel commercial plaza kindergarten school Pastoral Complex, Real Estate, Children's Park, Cultural Tourism


Slides are an indispensable equipment in modern kindergartens, because children are more fond of playing slides, there is no doubt about this. If a kindergarten has a beautiful slide, it can attract a lot of children to its kindergarten. Below I have brought you a beautiful children's slide, that is, the indoor little doctor slide.

Little Doctor slide product selection

The indoor Little Doctor slide is made of birch wood. Birch grows in the northern hemisphere and has a shiny surface and smooth texture. It is white in color, and the wood core is slightly pink ivory or grayish-yellow. The birch growth rings are slightly obvious, the effect is straight and obvious, the material structure is delicate and soft and smooth, the texture is soft or moderate, and it is easy to process.

Little Doctor Slide Workmanship

Indoor Dr. Slide equipment usually includes doors, bridges, slides, roofs, stairs, platforms, columns, slides, rope nets, slides are connected with fasteners, the surface does not protrude any sharp objects, each part has a variety of models and a variety of color options, and can also be personalized design and production according to customer needs. Qingdao Vasiriva Indoor Dr. Slide is bright in color, not easy to fade, high strength, antistatic, wear-resistant, light-resistant, age-resistant, crack-proof, safe and durable structure, ingenious design, harmonious color matching, and clever combination of plastic parts, bringing a safe, happy and lively feeling to children.

Little Dr. Slide Product Effect

The indoor Little Dr. slide can satisfy children's curiosity, children can climb the central platform from all directions, and then flow down the slide along multiple slides, slides or slides, one by one to feel the fun of running, training, climbing, jumping, swinging, climbing, sliding, flipping and other functional actions, which can not only cultivate children's balance, independent coordination and innovation ability, but also help to improve children's awareness of self-protection. Experience the stimulation of adventure, challenge, coordination, balance, strength, endurance and other qualities, and cultivate the quality of daring to try and explore.



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