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Simply put, unpowered amusement equipment refers to amusement facilities that are composed of functional components and structures, fasteners, and connecting components such as climbing, sliding, drilling, walking, and swinging, without any electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic power devices.
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Model: QG 11201Specification
Specification: 1260✖️410✖️450cmBrand
Material: Imported wood, stainless steelPlace of
Origin: Nanchang City
Category: Children's slide, combination slide, stainless steel slide, Little Doctor slideApplicable
Applicable Venue: : Scenic Spot Resort Hotel Commercial Plaza Kindergarten School Pastoral Complex, Real Estate, Children's Park, Cultural Tourism

To put it simply, non-powered amusement equipment refers to an amusement ride that does not have any power devices such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, and is composed of functional parts and structures, fasteners and connecting parts such as climbing, sliding, drilling, walking, swinging, etc.

Driven by the rapid development of China's cultural tourism industry, non-powered amusement equipment is becoming more and more important in various fields such as theme parks, scenic spots, commerce, and real estate. Under such a wave, many non-powered amusement facilities began to be born and appeared in people's field of vision.


Ropeway jungle crossing

Compared with other amusement equipment, non-powered amusement equipment has a high safety factor, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment, good interaction and unique experience. In recent years, it has been sought after by more and more investors. The proportion of equipment is also increasing.

Classification of non-powered equipment

Non-powered amusement equipment can be divided into challenging, interactive, and experiential according to the type of experience.

Challenge: This type of ride is a series of games such as wearing seat belt equipment, obstacle jumping, climbing, high-altitude downhill, etc., which are highly exciting.

Interactivity: This type of equipment is very interesting, highly interactive between people, and the event space is large, and there is no need to wear safety devices.

Rope net climbing

Experiential: Most of these devices are small devices, and most of them are children's supporting facilities.

The core of the competition of non-powered amusement equipment lies in its innovation, and there are many innovative directions for designers to think about. For example, in terms of the appearance of the device, designers can inject story and soul into the non-powered amusement equipment by creating cute and vivid cartoon characters or lively and vivid color schemes combined with theme IP.

Children's slides

In the increasingly competitive market, only through continuous updates and creative expression, the introduction of popular non-powered amusement equipment, in order to stand out in the market and create a word-of-mouth amusement effect among children.


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